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    Not only is Emily beautiful and easy going, this country girl is a superstar softball player.  She's lettered on varsity since she was a freshman (....we've taken her teams' poster pictures all 4 years...check them out here),  and next year she'll be playing down the road at St. Ed's University. 

    She learned to ride a horse at a young age, and I was so excited at their idea to take her senior portraits at the same stable.  A special thanks to the kind folks Spicewood Farms.  They have a beautiful property and kind horses, and we even managed to miss all the electric fences :)  Emily is a champ for doing this session in the dead of summer!

    Enjoy Emily.



    SplashBash 2010

    Our 4th annual SplashBash party was so fun!  With terrific help from the friendly Pacesetter girls of Westwood High School, and lots of generous parents, we raised quite a bucketful of money for the Dell Children's Miracle Book.  The kids ran around with ear to ear grins on their faces the entire time.  Here's a sample platter from the day that never ceases to bring entertainment to all involved.




    Some lil'uns...

    More pictures that put a smile on my face everytime I see them.... Thought I would brighten up your Friday as well with a handful. 



    Peru. Jungle light.

    What is the light highlighting in your life today?





    Eloine's all about being green, saving the environment, and living in peace love and joy :)   I love it!  Of course the nature-centered Safari was appropriate for her personality.  We wandered down to the lake. around some beautiful cliffs, and under bridges....and came out sweaty!  Shoots this time of year are HOT HOT HOT, even if you start at 7:30 in the morning.  Eloine is brave and easy going so inspite of the heat, we had a great time together.    Also a social officer on the Westwood dance team, she's a delight to be around. 

    Enjoy Eloine.




    Ashley, a leader on the dance team at Westwood, was my first 2011 senior to shoot, my first session upon return from my month long trip to South America (more on the trip to come...), AND my first shoot in a reeeeaaallllyy long time that got rained out MID-shoot!  That's right- we got poured after we had forded a river, hiked under a bridge, down a trail, and across a a field.  Soaked, we quickly opted for rescheduling.  What a perfect time to reward our earnest efforts with a cupcake at Cupprimo post-shoot.  :)

    This is one of the many reasons I love Senior Safaris.  You never know what adventure we'll will find ourselves in next.  

    I'll take warm, summer rain over the cold anyday. 

    Enjoy Ashley!


    Hello again!

    I love time savers. 

    I love streamlining tasks. 

    I love efficienciecy.

    I'm happy to let you know we are back at the blog!  We've been "away" for a while but thanks to some streamlining, time saving, efficient blog-creating buttons-n-such, we are back!  And there's LOTS to share from this wonderful summer.  Stay tuned...


    4th Annual Splashbash is coming up next Saturday, July 31st!!

    Our superfun Splashbash is right around the corner- mark your calendars, wrangle the kiddos into their swimwear & head on over to our Studio for a great day playing, splashing, slipping, sliding, hula-hooping & more! It gets better and better each year and we'd love to see you there!!  All proceeds go to the Dell Children's Foundation.


    Spring Sports- Westwood & McNeil Posters

    Check out all of these awesome high school athletes!  As former team sports players ourselves, we know how rewarding and special team relationships are!  We encourage everyone to keep active, keep laughing and don't take yourself too seriously!  


    Start of Summer!

    You'd think that having knee surgery would have slowed her down, but not Cindy!   She did take a few days off, but before and after that she has been in senior mode.  We really do try to get a picture of everyone we shoot up here on this blog.  If you haven't seen yourself yet and are hoping to, send us an email! Here is a big grouping of some Senior highlights from some of Cindy's recent shoots.  

    As always, thanks so much for being part of what we love to do and the fun adventures that shooting sessions take us on.   It has been great working with all of you- we want to wish you all the best for college, and especially on summer vacation!  We hope to see you soon and will recommend us to the Juniors who are about to be Seniors!  

    Coming soon:  recent sports posters- they are getting up on walls and in books all around Austin.  Come see them here & tell others!!


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