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    It's great to be brothers!

    These 2 wild & crazy guys have so much fun together!  It makes me laugh to just watch them play.

      Benjamin & John's parents asked us to photograph their sons for the Dell Children's Miracle Book, a wonderful foundation that helps raise funds for the Children's Hospital through the creation of a beautiful portrait book of families, friends, companies & private groups that all contribute to the hospital's Miracle Book foundation.

      We're thrilled to be one of the photographers for the Miracle Book! 

    If you're interested in finding out more about the Miracle Book 2011, please contact  This year's deadline is fast approaching - October 15th - so don't delay!


    Sam, Sammi, Samantha....

    Sammi is an early riser! 

    We met on Bull Creek at 7:30 one beautiful morning to beat the heat for her 150 Safari.  Between lifeguarding for Austin in the summer, running around a soccer field all year long, chasing after Katie her dog or keeping up with her 3 younger brothers and sisters, Sammi is a busy girl.  But I'll bet she smiles through it all just like her morning in front of my camera! 

      Sammi & her family brought lots of great ideas for her senior portraits...even Grandma came to watch the photo shoot when we photographed her vintage '68 Camaro.  Lucky Sam gets to drive it!

    And at her image presentation in our studio projection theatre, Sam's 1st grade sister came to add her opinion to the show.

     I never knew 1st graders could be so good at selecting photographs of her big sister!


    How do you like her images in one of our Showcases designed for the wall? 




    If you're 5 years old, you've reached a landmark in your life....Kindergarten. 

     You're about to start going to school every day all day, you're best friend Honey the Dog has to stay home, and you may even have homework!  Yikes!  But if you're Kenna, all this is no problem.  I could tell from photographing her, Kenna will do just fine.  Not only has she lots to say & she's full of both giggles & deep thoughts,  she is big sister to a bubbling 8 month old, and keeps an eye on her 7 year old big brother. 

    I couldn't resist combining some of her images into one of our Showcase wall displays. 

    See what you think....


    Go for it.

    Hey, friend.  Someone needs to hear this today....

       Just go for it.  You'll make it, and it'll be a good time.



    Happy Belated Labor Day!

    This was the first year since I started working here that I had Labor Day weekend OFF!  Wow, what a treat. 
    21 friends and I headed north a weekend full of camping, canoeing, swimming, playing, relaxing  and hanging out on the Brazos River near Fort Worth.  The Palo Pinto Mountains are so beautiful (I didn't know Texas even had mountains....however "mountains" is still a bit of a stretch) and had I known that I would have taken my camera.  I was also a bit nervous to take my precious money-maker 20 miles down a river....  So sadly no photos to share except some tucked away in my point-n-shoot. 

    So, I thought I would share another recent boat-trip/road-trip I took when traveling with friends through northern Peru.    Sadly, there are only a handful of pictures from a breathtaking-memorymaking-laughterhappening-spanishspeaking fest...

    Imagine...a rickty van packed with squished with15 paying customers flying down a freshly paved road for several hours to cross a giant swiftly flowing river on planks of wood stretched between two longboats connected to a recently broken pully-system which they temporarily was replaced with a couple of motors; drinking fresh coconut juice and street treats; then we go bouncing down a dirt road to a hidden lake-town called Sauce (pronounced "Sowsay") whose streets were covered with thick red mud from a recent downpour, impassable to cars and bikes; cruised all around the lake on a longboat remembering the area as a once terrorist infested area; ate rice and chicken underneath a random house whose only occupant for the afternoon was a dozen chickens; relaxed in their hammocks and headed back home onlhy to cross paths with a bright orange, black, white and tan jungle snake. 
    But only a few pictures from the day. 
    Viva Peru!

       I photographed this lady when I lived there 5 years ago.  Amazing that she's still working at the little roadside cafe.   Check her out HERE     My dear friend Jessica and her new husband, Caleb :)       Another precious friend, Zarita.  Amazing woman! And their sweet mom. 



    Kayla, her sweet mom, Donna, and I met bright and early downtown at one of our favorite blue walls around Austin to start our Safari.   The day before they let me know Kayla decided to go with one outfit as stress was trying to creep to rule and overwhelm.  Great advice!  Whether it's for seniors, families, or kids photoshoots should be fun and stress free.  So if you are starting to feel anxious or worried about something, like what to wear or where to go, do like Kayla did. 
    Step back, breathe and simplify
    Focus on what is really important to you. 

    We had a great time walking around, getting to know each other, photographing and exploring new parts to Austin.  AND we created some beautiful images of Kayla! And I found a new hotspot on the east side.  check out to the Waller Street area for all kinds of trailer-food delights

    Enjoy Kayla. 



    The Gray Family....

         A few weeks ago Maari and I set out early in the morning toward Marble Falls to photograph the Gray Family.  We arrived at a home resting on the lake in a pristine spot ...and filled with a delightful family of cousins, moms, dads and happy grandparents.  We had a ball!  With such a gorgeous setting we could hardly decide which was the most beautiful to include in their family images.  We started at the lake and ended out at the front of the house, playing with the cousins in different spots along the way!



         Blair was a great guy to photograph, easy going and involved in all kinds of things.  At school, he's in student council & Deka.  But most often, I think you'd find him rooting for his favorite college team, as he's big into college sports.  That is, if he's not rocking out to his favorite band!  He chose a 100 session, and made the most of it with everything from his suit to his latest ACL shirt.


    Cascade Lakes, Oregon...

          We all have places that bring us home, whether by being there, dreaming of time spent there, or reading about it in a favorite book.  And although it doesn't have to be a spot we've ever actually lived, for me it's Central Oregon, where  I grew up.    It's been over 30 years since I moved from Oregon, but this part of the country has always been my mantra.  Luckily, 2 of our daughters live in Oregon, so I have plenty of opportunities to visit.  We try to camp as often as possible,  not just for the remoteness, but also for the chance to feel closer to all that surrounds us.  Here's a few glimpses of this summer's sights.





         Early Friday morning, just before the first day of school, I loaded my camera & gear in my PT Cruiser and drove all of a block and a half to JaneMarie's house. Yes, we're practically neighbors, yet I'd never been down the isolated cove where her famiy calls home.  It's almost a hidden paradise with a big old oak tree in front, a beautiful backyard with wildflowers, a  secret-garden spring and a house filled with 5 brothers and sisters & 2 dogs.  In our safari at JaneMarie's house, I learned what a diverse girl she is - from country girl to beauty queen to big sister to crazy, it was so much fun to photograph her and meet her vivacious family.   We photographed outside, in her room, on the living room floor and even back at our studio for some glamour time with a few of her pageant dresses.  Here's a few images I especially love!