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    A Walk to the Park! | Outdoor Family Photography

    What a fun shoot!  This little guy has so much energy and is so animated.  Once you can grab his attention, his playfulness will met your heart.  This is one of our favorite outdoor locations to photograph families in northwest Austin.  Although, it's quite a hike!  Down a hill, through the tall grasses, across a stream, down a paved trail, and you arrive at an old historical cabin back in the woods.  This makes for MANY exploring opportunities for the adventurous.

    I'll follow up this post with the Designer Showcase this family purchased for their home because it's going to look awesome!. 
    In the meantime, enjoy :)







    Emily | Senior Safari

     I'm a little behind on my blog posting, so when I look back at my calendar and discover I photographed Emily last June.....I know I've got some catching up to do!  Actually, Emily Francis was one of the first 2011 graduates I photographed.  Summer was hot and dry at the time, and so when we found one of my least favorite friends crawling along where I was about to sit and photograph Emily, I almost turned and ran.  Welll, I actually did run but Emily & her mom coaxed me back!  I'm petrified of snakes and Maari doesn't like them much better, so Emily's shoot was the one that quickly convinced us to buy snake boots!

    Volleyball player, Westwood senior, big sister...snake chaser...Emily Francis always seems poised and ready for anything.  Despite the reptile run-in, I had fun with Emily & I think her photographs quickly show how much at ease she is in front of a camera! 






    An afternoon at Kiddie Acres! | Outdoor Children Photography

    I'll admit it.....I've never been to Kiddie Acres on McNeil Road.  I just hope my kids don't feel too much like they've missed out on one of Austin's long standing traditions!

    So, when the Carsner family suggested  holding their family portrait session for this year's Miracle Book there, I was a little unsure of what we'd find.  To my delight, I discovered a gorgeous old fashioned merry go ground, complete with vintage wooden horses, carnival music, riding ponies, a boat ride, airplane ride and of course, popsicles!  Jennifer grew up in Austin and remembers visitng Kiddie Acres as a little girl on her birthday.  By coincidence, the day we took Lucy & Lily there it was Jennifer's birthday again!  I felt very lucky to be present when helping the Carsner's pass a family tradition down to their delightful girls!





    The Bigler Family has been part of the Natual Impressions 'circle of friends' for a long time. So when I glanced through my camera & saw that Caroline as a 2011 senior it was a very pleasant surprise!!!

    Meeting circles of friends has always been one of our great joys @ Ni -meeting friends of friends, of friends.... 

    Despite the heat & humidity of late summer, Caroline always manges to look cool & happy.  During our safari, her mom was ever ready to blot shine or hold a reflector for shade.  What a great assistant!  I imagine Caroline's years on the golf course has helped make her impervious to Texas weather and humidity.

    Caroline designed a unique safari for herself...a little studio time, a few moments by her favorite rusty wall in our portrait garden, then lots of time exploring the wilds of Bull Creek.  She's very involved in Young Life and we're thrilled to donate to their yearly fund raiser.  I hear the event was terrific and & we can't wait to work with the highest bidder of our portrait package!





    Natalie, her mom and I had an early shoot one Saturday morning. She's a swimmer turned singer.  Props to her for trying out the for Show Choir her last year of high school and making the team!  Even before she had actually sang on stage before.  She's moves so naturally behind a camera I know she'll do great on stage.  I'd say fearless, risk-taker, bubbly, and fun would best describe this senior.  And a delight to spend a Saturday morning with.

    Enjoy Natalie from Cedar Park High School.




    Not only is Erin incredibly beautiful and sweet, she is an superstar international soccer player at McNeil High School.  The lucky Texas Tech women's soccer program will get to welcome her on their team next year.  What an asset she will be!  
    Erin takes after her mom in her beauty and style.  She was a huge help on our shoot holding the reflector, fixing, attaching, helping, etc.  This was one of the last shoots before school started.  Seems like ages ago! 

    Enjoy Erin.


    Lounsberry Family

    What a wonderful family!  I sincerely enjoy these people :)   Last spring I photographed Jilly, the youngest, for her senior portraits.  I was thrilled when I found out I was going to photograph the whole gang.  Even though it was a HOT summer afternoon at this session, they were delightful participants :)  Two college cheerleaders, one rockstar in the making, a dentist and a queen. 


    Check out one of the Designer Showcases gallery wrap collections they ordered to decorate a hallway! 


    Happy Fall! Love, New England

    Dear Texas,

    We're sorry you can't make your leaves as colorful as we can.  But you have plenty of other things going for you. 
    In the meantime, enjoy the real Autumn.

    With Love,
    New England


    So Mom/Cindy is celebrating her x0'th birthday with her girlfriends in New England for a roadtrip traveling, mountain hiking, farmers' market-boutique shopping, leaf-watching, bed-n-breakfast hopping in a celebration of 40 years of friendship and milestone birthdays.    I'm trying NOT to be jealous as I recieve the pictures she sends me of the beautiful scenery she's experiencing a I sit behind my lovely black computer. 


    More curiosities

    One day I was curious what grub worms taste like.  Now I know.  


    And another day I was curious how one kill's a chicken. And now I know and I hope I never need to do it again.




    In the end, curiosity gets the best of me. 
    What are you curious about today?