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    Carly's wedding.....

    Natural Impressions doesn't photograph weddings ...

     that is, unless it's a very very special one.  Really, I look at the few small weddings I've photographed as large extended family sessions ... families planning a one of a kind day together, that happens to include a wedding as the family activity!

    And that's how I've come to photograph 2 weddings in the last year, both in November, and both for the same family!  I've known this family for years, traveled to Brussels, Italy & Asia with Sandi, and have had the pleasure to see both of Sandi & Denny's kids marry in November!

    Last November, Wes married Jula in Zilker Park.  If you look closely, you'll see that of the 9 family members at the wedding, the 10th was a Tyrannosaurus Rex!  A few weekends ago, Carly married Chris in her family's backyard.  No dinosaur here, but there was a Tiki Man watching from the distance.  The weather was perfect, just like last November, both brides were beautiful and the ceremonies sweet, simple and perfect.

    I don't think I'm about to become a wedding photographer, but it was a definite treat to be a part of the marriage of such great people and wonderful friends.


    Pumpkin FOUND 

    I found a pumpkin!  TWO actually.  One was too big, one was too small.  So I embraced the opportunity to be resourceful.  Luckily, I have a hard time following recipes....the creative part of my brain ALWAYS wants to take over.  

    Here's the Stuffed Pumpkin  I took the recipe-Christmas party my co-worker Denise hosts every year.  She is an amazing host!  And everyone's food was SO delicious. 





    Anyone still have a pumpkin?

    Help!!! I need a pumpkin ASAP!!!

    My lovely co-worker, Denise, is having her 24th (?) Annual Recipe Swaping Christmas Party Friday.  Imagine a (beautiful) household of 60 women coming together, each bringing their own recipe and dish for everyone to taste.  I love food and am SO looking forward to my 5th year here.  

    I absolutely enjoy beautiful looking food so I decided to make a baked spiced chipotle stuffed pumpkin.  I decided on this around Halloween when the stores are overflowing with these bizarre looking vegetable....

    I'm in a bit of a pickle because I didn't realize pumpkins were off ALL shelves after Thanksgiving.  OhNO!  Now, I'm pumpkin-less :(    Well, not completely.... We have one at our house but it's from a compost pile (I really don't feel right about using this one) and I have one my friend recently gave me....but it's enormous and I would have to make 2 gallons of chipotle stuff to fill it :( 

    So does anyone have a semi-small, bake-able pumpkin left?  

    Speaking of pumpkins....check out these ENORMOUS pumpkins my mom found on her fall trip up to the northeast.    That's a lot of pumpkin pie right there....yummmmm.




    First frost

      This morning, I peered out the window at daylight & saw frost not only on our banana leaves but frost in the garden on our peppers! The thermoment read 34. Oh my!  I was happy to see that winter has finally arrived to Austin but a little melancholy to know it's the last day for my garden's summer bounty.

    First frost of the season! 

     I knew that if I didn't harvest those delicate perishables today they'd be mush tomorrow.  I postponed all day as I always hate to pick the last of anything.  This evening, after picking every tomato and pepper I could find, I was a little surprised to see the total & can't resist passing along a photograph on to our blog.  I counted an even 100 peppers and a colander full of little tomatoes in varying degrees of red to yellow to green. 

    I was pretty surprised at the total. Now, my problem for this weekend...just what the heck to do with 100 peppers???

    Any ideas?


    Happy (belated) Veteran's Day

    Sadly I don't see holidays coming until they are upon me.  Often I find myself wishing people a "belated" this or that...something I'm working on correcting.   It happened once again with Veteran's Day, which was last Thursday in case it slipped by you also.   Even though it's almost a week later, I still wanted to celebrate this holiday not only by taking a day off work ;) but also by honoring my workout buddies at Camp Mabry. 

    This holiday was particularly close to me this year because I'm around veterans every week.  I do a hellacious exercise class called CrossFit at Camp Mabry 3-4 times per week.  Not only do I like the workouts, but I love being around these military people.  They have a strong culture of honor, work-ethic, and kind nature.  

    By the way, let me know if you want to join me at crossfit.  I promise you will be sore for days.  :) 

    Thank you Cupprimo for making these extra special cupcakes for these hardworking military peeps.  If you have never tasted Cupprimo cupcakes, YOU MUST!  They are divine.



    Todd | Austin Senior Photography

    We've hit the time of year when Austin finally starts to look like fall - golden leaves, crisp mornings, pleasant sunny basketball season is just around the corner.  Todd plays basketball for Round Rock.  And although he chose to not bring his basketball with him, I'm sure he'll always love the sport.  We photographed him the same day his season started so he went straight from his senior picture shoot to his 1st day of practice!

    He chose a 50 session - brought 2 clothing changes & an easy smile.  In his planning session he knew what he wanted - only outside pictures.  Another great Natural Impressions client with a great attitude...relaxed, reflective and real!

    Photographing Todd reminded me of why I like what I do.  Thanks for the afternoon, Todd!  Being in front of a camera didn't seem to phase him at all - probably his years on a basketball court has something to do with that.  His mom Carolyn came to help out - she was awesome with a reflector.  I could tell they're great friends!

    Good luck with your basketball season, Todd.  Go Dragons!


    Travis | Austin Senior Photography

    Travis plays baseball for Bowie High. 

    But I can't really tell which he loves more - baseball...or Pepper his dog!  He's a pitcher, so there's a definite serious side to him -  which is also probably why he has such a relaxed, layed back attitude. 

    When he saw his images he'd just come back from a long weekend at Texas Tech, visiting his sister.  Although he hasn't made up his mind about colleges yet, Travis seemed pretty happy he has Texas Tech on the bumper of his truck. 





    Chile | Mountain air.

        Clickety-clack, clickety-clack
    clickety-clack, clickety-clack,

    Meet Rigo, local rodeo champion 5 years in a row….some years ago.  We clickety-clacked for 2 full days waaaay up into the Andes on horses.  Rigo is comfortable with silence, an attribute that's easier said than done. 

    I’ve got Chile on my mind today.  I just ran across these pictures and suddenly my whole day is flooded with good memories of the sights and sounds, the peaceful days, and the ridiculous beauty.   The Andes are so striking they’ll knock you over. 

    One day the mountains will become my office again.

    I'm sad I lost my other memory card from this excursion.  Day two was surreal.

    Enjoy Chile.





    Abby | Austin Senior Photography

    Natural Impressions’ inherited brand is relaxed, reflective, real.  That's my mom & my personality and style so it's only natural (and FUN) to build our fashion of photography around it. 

    We tend to attract a clientele who is similar.  Take Abby, a senior at Westwood High School.  She is relaxed; easy-going, comfortable with herself and other people.  She is reflective; thoughtful, heart-ful, opinionated.  And she is real; honest, sincere, beautiful.  It was a delight I loved getting to know her and her mom during our time together.  They are both artists and so have a great appreciation for photography.  Abby is a photographer so it was really fun to have someone like her in front of the camera. 

    I hope I get to meet the rest of this family one day :)

    Enjoy Abby.




      Lauren is an outdoors girl!  She swims for McNeil so she spends plenty of time in the water.  It seemed like a natural thing to do to take her to Bull Creek to splash around a bit.  

    We'd planned a 100 session, with some time in our backyard portrait garden and then on down at Hallmark, another option for the 100 session.  But on the day of her shoot, 95 boy scounts were spending the night at Hallmark so we decided to venture to Bull Creek instead.  I'm saying venture, because it was only a few days after 10 inches of rain had fallen from our September hurricane.  If you look closely at the water behind Lauren in these first few photographs of her in Bull Creek, you'll notice that despite the fact it was mid September, the water was flowing from edge to edge!  

    I just saw Lauren again last week, only this time she was with her swim team.  Every year, we photograph the McNeil Swim Team at the Duck Pond in the Wells Branch area.  It's one of the most beautiful places I've found to photograph a team.  Each year it's different, golden leaves one year, steam rising off the water another....but always more and more ducks!  Can you find Lauren in this year's swim picture???