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    Courtney | Austin Senior Portraits

    Courtney, a cross country runner and senior from Westwood High School, was the last senior I photographed in 2010.  Between her great attitude, sweet personality, photogenic nature, and a beautiful sunny day, it was a fantastic shoot to wrap up the year!   Can you believe these were taken a week or two before Christmas?   Looks like spring to me!  Silly Texas weather. 

    Enjoy Courtney.


    Haley Family | Austin Family Photography

    Another Austin family who is going to hang a fantastic grouping of three gallery wrap images in the front entry way of their home.  Jennifer was so smart to bring in a picture of the space they were going to hang, as well as the measurement of the walls.  This is SO helpful when it comes to making final decision.   (I'll post the a picture of the gallery wraps when we get them back from the lab.) 

    The Haley's had their pictures done just in time to send out Christmas cards to their friends and family.  I was so happy when she told me everyone loved getting them!   

    These boys look like they are a handful but they are truly so sweet. 



    Leyla | Westwood High School | Austin Senior Portraits

    Yikes, another photo shoot from last fall….but memorable none the less. 

    Leyla is a vibrant, strong, colorful, and confident individual.  She’s definitely a leader and has a very peaceful way about her.  We headed downtown for her Senior Safari.  Then I met her adorable and hyper pup.  What a cutie­!  (Oh my goodness I want a dog of my own!!!)

    Enjoy Leyla.


    Designer SHOWCASE | Walton Family | Photo Decor

    Sweet and happy little faces wrapped up in their parent's arms.  Ohhhhh!  Makes my heart warm to see these photographs printed!

    Way to go Walton's!  They picked out great images for their Designer Showcase.  I can just imagine the JOY these 9 6x6 gallery wrap boxes are going to add to the room.  We had them set up in our studio before she came to pick them up and everytime I walked by them, I smiled.  Pictures of people in love have a way of adding happiness to your day.


    Angela | Cedar Park High School | Austin Senior Portraits

    I'm getting my running feet back to catch up with things this season!   I can't believe it's taken me so long to post my favorites from Angela's session...which was....a while ago ;) 

    Kind-hearted, warm, responsible, healthy, smiley and able Angela.  It was a true pleasure to spend time getting to know this young lady.  Angela hails from Cedar Park.  She and her sweet mom make a great team! 

    Enjoy Angela.



    Sydney | Westwood High School | Austin Senior Photography

    Sydney is a bundle of energy, kindness and JOY.  She is so fun!  Last year I photographed her slightly older sister, Kalyn, I photographed last spring.  Physically, they could pass for twins, but spend 5 minutes with each girl and you will see their personalities couldn't be more individual.  What do you think?   My mom photographed these two beautiful smiles since they were in kindergarten at St. Theresa's.  I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity to take both their senior pictures.  Such a relaxed family to work with. Can't wait to photography #3 in a few years!

    Enjoy Sydney.



    Ben | Westwood High School | Austin Senior Photography

    With an easy-going personality, this senior guy is a wonderful portrait subject.  One of the best qualities I noticed and appreciate....he's comfortable in his own skin....a very admirable trait!  I photographed his older sister Mandy a couple of years ago.  Check her out on our old blog (awww :) )Can you see the resemblance??!?!?   

    I was thrilled at all the great ideas Ben had for his senior portrait session.  We went to several of his hangout-spots around Austin so his Senior Image Book is going to really capture his personality and interests from this season in life.   Special thanks to the delicious Daily Juice for being so friendly and Volente Marina for letting us go out  in the crazy windy weather.  

    Anyone else want to do a photo shoot down at the lake?  I'm so there!

    Enjoy Ben.









    NEW | Free Download Desktop Backgrounds & Screensavers

    Not only do we like to deck your walls and halls with beautiful people (YOU) but we want to decorate your screens with beautiful places. 

    One of our New Years Resolution:  provide YOU, dear cyber-friends and clients, with ScreenSavers all year long.

    How do you make one of these images a Desktop Background Image or Screensaver?  First of all, click where it says "CLICK to DOWNLOAD."  This will open up a new window with a larger version of the image that is a friendlier size for your computer screen.  The next step can be different on different platforms and computers but generally you can do this:  Right click on the image and say "Set to Background"    Whaala!


    CLICK to DOWNLOAD  |  SnowySunrise |

    CLICK to DOWNLOAD  |  ChristmasPine  |


    CLICK to DOWNLOAD  |  BanksOfBend  | 


    Splashbash raises over $780 for the Dell Children's Hospital!!



     This July was Natural Impressions's 4th annual Splashbash event. 

    With the funds raised, we purchased a full page in this year's upcoming beautiful showcase book and donated the rest directly to the Miracle Book fundraiser  ... a total of $728 !  

    Each year we invite our clients, ask they to bring their friends and neighbors (which they always do!!) & watch their children splash, play, giggle and run from wading pools to slip n slides that cover our lawn.  Maari & I run around photographing these wild & crazy kids having a ball getting wet  ... getting a little wet ourselves!  The proceeds from the photograph sale, the lemonade & cupcake donations all go the the Dell Children's Hospital Miracle Book.  For several years we've donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand, another wonderful foundation researching children's cancer, but this year we decided to help a little closer to home.

    We appreciate all the help from the Westwood Pacesetters who volunteer to be a part of this fun event.  They play with the kiddos, help decorate and do a little running around in the water just like all those zaney kids!  Each year the girls have donated their earnings back to the fundraiser, which helps our cause so much.

    Congratulations to everyone who was a part of this year's Splashbash event! 

     It was the best year yet!!!



    Christina is a downtown Austin kind of girl. 

    Like a lot of us, she not only loves the fun quirks of central Austin, but the urban atmosphere of downtown Austin as well.  From Hey Cupcake to wall murals, from the local shops to the cool dives along Austin's unique South Congress neighborhood, Christina's safari was one of a kind ... just like she is!

    Her brothers met us at the end of her shoot down along Bull Creek for a little time together near the water.  I could tell by how much they kid around with each other what good friends they all are.  Being the big sister, Christina is the first to graduate.  I'll bet her brothers will be missing her just a bit, although if she has her way she won't be too far away.  UT is one of the downtown campus communities that's really not far from home ... yet is its own world.