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    A Thousand

    I love this video we watched in church on Sunday.  I would love to make something like this someday...well, at least do the photography for.

    Enjoy, Maari.

    from: or


    March of Dimes Signature Chefs Benefit on Sunday....

    Sunday night was the March of Dimes 2008 Signature Chef Gala which turned out to be a beautiful event!  The hard-working group of workers who puts this event on every year raised and incredible $845,000+!   The theme this year was Out of Africa so everyon was dressed to the nines in safari chic.  Unfortunately, niether one of us brought our cameras to show you guys what an affair the whole night was. 


    This is our second year to be involved with the March of Dimes.  We were asked to photograph each  Signature Chef in the theme, Out of Africa, so we headed down the street into our neighborhood serengeti.  The chefs are so great to work with.  They are each easy going people to shoot, comfortable infront of a camera.  Along with providing D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S tapas at the event, they also each donate somesort of spectacular dinner party package for 10-50 guests. 

    Here's t the line up from this years MoD Signature Chef Eevent:

    Executive Chef Elmar Prambs of the TRIO at the Four Seasons

    Chef Erick Nixon from Flemings Steakhouse

    Executive Chef Tyson Cole from Uchi

    Executive Chef Jonathan Gelman & Pastry Chef Tony Sansalone (1886 Cafe & Bakery) from the Driskill Grill

    Executive Chefs Jeff Blank & Robert Rhoades from Hudson's on the Bend

    Executive Chef Harvey Harris from Siena Ristorante Toscana

    Executive Chef Justin "Raif" Raiford from 34th Street Cafe

    Executive Chef Jaime Gutierrez from III Forks

    Executive Chef Aaron Staudenmaier from Jasper's

    Executive Chefs Jacques Richard, Teresa Wilson & the team from Aquarelle

    Executive Chef Alma Alcocer-Thomas from Jeffrey's

    Executive Chef Ben Nathan from Belmont

    Executive Chef Jeffrey Cummins from Finn & Porter


    You know it's Monday when...


    Shaun & Jamie Engaged!

    I just love it when you find out two AMAZING people you know are getting married!!  It makes me happy for days.  :}  My friend, Shaun, called me up a couple weeks ago and asked me to take some pictures as he proposed to his girlfriend.  uhhh...Of course I will! 

    It all took place Saturday night, on campus, in the middle of a football game.  After barely finding a parking space, Stephanie, Stevo (who are another beautiful, recently engaged couple-friend of mine) and I took cover behind a big wall...somewhere on campus (I'm an Aggie so I don't know my way around this campus).  Nearby was the magnolia tree , a spot they visit often, which Shaun & Jamie were going to climb that evening, as usual.  Then, when they both got down, Shaun went to his knee.  And she said YES!  WOOHOO!  So smiles and laughter went on and on and on and they're still probably smiling and laughing.

    The whole evening was a RUSH, and I was just a bystander!  What an honored to get to be apart of the whole event.  I love taking pictures of  people that are bubbling over with excitement.  :) 

    A random little fact for ya:  Shaun happens to be one of the musicians who wrote a bunch of songs we just put on our new website!

    Stephanie & Stevo as we waited for Shaun & Jamie to climb down the tree.

    Steph & Steveo spying on the couple

    The Proposal!


    Austin Marathon Relay: Texas Toast!

    This weekend my mom & I competed in the Austin Marathon Relay!  Teams of 5 gathered together to complete a marathon.  The 5 legs of the race were the 10k, 11k, 11, 5k, & another 5k.  We ran with my roommate, Becca, and 2 other good high school friends who I used to play soccer with, Carly & Andrea.  Everyone did such a great job!  I lucked out and rock-paper-scissored my way into running the first leg, the 10k...a good distance, good race-energy, and good weather!  An hour or 2 later the temperature rose 10 degrees and it was pretty miserable running weather.  Carly (who got to run in the hottest part of the day) & the rest of the gang  toughed it out and finished trememdously!

    Pre-race, right after we rock-paper-scissored our running order.  We are all a bit sleeply still.

    Me (Maari) standing at the start line...feeling a little anxious to get going

    Andrea, after she did an amazing 11k!

    3rd leg hand-off...Becca passing the "baton" to my mom.  Becca's all smiles all the time.

    My mom...ecstatic to be done with her really HOT 4-th leg.

    Carly, bringing in the finish line...and so happy about it :)

    Here's the team:  Texas Toast!  Maybe we'll be back for more next year....and maybe we'll win the $100,000 first place prize???


    Design-a-Cupcake Contest!


    Fun at Austin Park & Pizza!

    This was my first time to go to Austin Park & Pizza....what a fun place!   Oh but if they only had the Zipper (my most favorite ride in the world).
    Mike & Debbie were hilarious to watch & shoot.  I think everyone had fun that day


    more fun with the ARC folks from Saturday!

    One big happy family! Cooked up some delicious lasagna & German chocolate cake (one of my favorites).  I love family time :)



    Tomorrow's a big day for the Crouch's!

    Dawn and Greg are having another baby....this time it's a girl!!  And we can't wait for her to come!  I hope she flashes a big beautiful smile just like little Matthew constantly does.  It brightens any room he walks into.    Good luck tomorrow, Dawn & Greg(hopefully it's tomorrow;)  )! I will be praying for you guys & for a safe delivery.   :) Maari

    Doesn't Dawn look amazing for being 8.9 months pregnant!


    the latest posters...

    Good luck this season girls!  Hopefully we'll get to see all you seniors back at the studio this year for your senior portaits!

    see more posters on a feature gallery on our website HERE