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    Westwood Cross Country


    Westwood Cross Country always manages to come up with very imaginitive themes for their posters. Last year the girls and guys had separate posters. The girls took on a Pirates of the Caribbean theme & the guys opted for a classy business look. (check them out on our website under "feature galleries") This year, they put their efforts together, brought in a ton of props (including a 10' canoe), and we shot the afternoon away.
    Wouldn't it be nice to train for the races on rock faces, crystal clear mountian lakes, rivers, and muddy jeep trails…. What a workout that would be! Good luck this season! Run hard and fast.


    Happy Birthday, Mom!

    Yesterday was my dear mom/boss's __ birthday!   She celebrated by taking half the day off and while she was gone, I finally found her a birthday gift!  He was walking outside above the door to the house....creeped me out!  As I was about to try to catch it, our friendly FedEx guys came by for a delivery and reached up and grabbed him for me with my (mom's) tuberware.

    I wasn't sure how she would respond to this surprise I left on the kitchen counter when I left, along with a PumkinChocolateChip cupcake from Cupprimo.  She would have FLIPPED out if it was a snake...but she laughed at the tarantula!  I think she was more relieved it wasn't long and slithery...

    I'm not sure BigGrey is a huge fan of this little guy.

    I really don't think she has plans to keep this thing so if anyone wants a new pet...just let us know ASAP!  Or maybe a classroom needs a class pet....He seems rather relaxed.  Please come get him today!

    :) Maari


    McNeil Cross Country

    I just finished the McNeil CC poster.  What a statement they came up with!  I love it girls!   Very clever :)


    Holiday Promo Tomorrow!

    I'm so excited (and a little nervous) for tomorrow!!!
    Excited becuase we get to spend the day with LOTS of fun families, both who've been clients a long time, and first-timers!  Nervous because we have THIRTEEN families coming and I'm not sure if I will have enough energy for the entire day.  

    I will get to shoot return clients & new alike!  I love it when clients return because it's always great to see how they grown & I get to catch up on what's new in their lives since the last time we were together.  It's like we're old friends now!  I love new clients too because of all the surprises.  They each come with fresh challenges we get to discover... what are they comfortable with, what they like to laugh at, are they serious or silly, what do you have in common, what are their good angles, etc....

    In case you didn't get to sign up for this holiday's promotion day, we have 2 spots open on our overflow day, schedule for THIS Thursday, Oct. 16.  It's not too late to call and get on the schedule for that day.  It's time to get your Christmas cards & gifts done quickly and easily!  **The big deal about promotions is that they are $30/30 minute sessions.  We get a lot done in a little amount of time. 



    Steele & I had a great time last week photographing in a new top secret spot!  ;)  After we shot the heck out of it, we headed over to a friend of mine's cute yellow front porch that was right around the corner.  (Thanks JenJoy!)  

    She's beatiful & bright, as you can tell, ... who might be on her way to OU next year!  (maybe this was the wrong week to post that as the heat of this weekend's OU/TU game is rising!)

    I think she looks like Jenifer Aniston.  What do you think? 

    I can't wait to show you the the rest, Steele!


    more of our ARC friends...


    It's pumkin carving time!

    Here's another shoot we did with one of the doctors from ARC.  She is so sweet with her girls!    Poor little Josephine really thought she was going trick-or-treating that night because she was a little sad at the end of the shoot when she was all dressed up and discovered that the real Halloween was at least  a whole month away. 

    I'm really looking forward to photographing them again this weekend at our Christmas Promotion day!  See you soon, Amy :)



    weekend mini-getaway

    This is the perfect time of year to go camping in Texas! If I could, I would have weeknds like this past one every week. 

     Friday night some friends and I were in need of a little getaway so we headed out to Pace Bend on the lake to land an excellent camping spot on a cliff.  Usually we could go cliff jumping off the 20-30' cliffs but unfortunately the water was extremely low that it made the cliffs more like 50' or 60' (I'm terrible at estimating distances so my numbers may be off ;) ) so it made it difficult to even access the water by hiking down.  The view was still terrific though.

    I barely held my camera the whole day so I regret that there are so few photos from the trip.  But what a great trip...filled with great company, a lasso (1st timer here), good cooking (on Brent's behalf...thank you Brent!), exploring, relaxing mountain biking, swimming at Hamilton pool (can't believe I didn't bring my camera there either!)  Three parks in less than 24 hours...Pace Bend for camping, Reimers Ranch for biking, and Hamilton Pool for swimming.

    The mountain biking  was hard, hot, and for me, hilarious as usual.  I always find myself laughing out loud at myself when I bike.  I 'm not sure why I laugh, maybe because I'm having so much fun or maybe because I am so ridiculous on a bike sometimes.  Mountain biking, as with most sports, is very much a mind game and it's really easy to psyche yourself out. 

    I did have one main crash at the day.  Kind of silly hand just slipped off my handlebar as we were flying down a straight singletrack section.  The track was extremely rocky and my hands were sweaty & tired from holding on so long.  And, I forgot my gloves.  Nothing too serious happened (thank God!) except for some big scrapes right on top of my knee & bruises all over. 


    New baby sister

        I'm an only child, so I've never really experienced my folks bringing home a new sister or brother.....but I DO have 3 daughters so I was able  to watch the concept of  'sister' awaken in my kids eyes!   Not long ago, I photographed a family enjoying just this situation....a new baby sister, only 3 weeks old.... -Cindy


    sunrise at the Ferreri ranch

      A great way to start your day is to enjoy a perfect sunrise with some folks who see the sun rise almost every morning!  At O-dark-100, Maari & I drove out past Pflugerville to the Ferrari ranch for an early visit with Debbie's horses and her family.  And let me tell you, their corner of Texas country is beautiful!   Despite a night time visit from the neighborhood coyote, the horses were as anxious as ever for their breakfast - - sorta like our morning grainola and apples!  I grew up on a ranch in central Oregon, so this was a special treat...getting to photograph a family who love the country and love their animals.   -Cindy