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    flare it up!

    Meet Becca.  The best roommate... and the best friend...a girl could ask for!  She is beautiful in every way.  Kind, patient, encouraging, wise, playful, adventurous, honest, trustworthy.  She is full of faith & hope.  She loves others with everything she is.  Her first priority is knowing her Maker more and more everyday.  She lives to worship her Lord with her whole heart, strength, mind & might! 

    We played with light over the weekend. FUN!




    Olivia...or her mom call her (I love that name) is a gorgeous girl!  I can't wait to shoot her family next year. 
    Here's just a couple from our session a few weeks back....




    cool trees on the greenbelt

    I took some long hikes on the greenbelt this weekend because the weather was absolutely amazingly wonderfully perfect.  I found some incredible trees.  Unfortunately all I had was my new bright pink point-n-shoot camera, and it was also the middle of the day ...hence the crummy spackled lighting (yuck).  But these trees were SO cool I had to take something!





    I LOVE shooting in fall! I love the air, the leaves, the color, & the breeze!
    Being outside is one of my favorite places to be so I go on walks, runs, and bike rides around myneighborhood often. It leads to lots of exploring, and along my trips I run across great spots to photograph. Casey, her mom & I hit up a handful of them on our shoot. I had a great time with them and can't wait to show the rest!
    :) Maari










    Dallas MOnday

    I spent the day in Dallas on Monday at an Adobe Lightroom workshop taught by THE Scott Kelby (oohhaaawww). 

    Dear Lightroom.  You are very nice & good looking and many photographers have great things to say about you.  I appreciate all that you do and wish to get you know you further because we would be a terrific pair.  But that may never be until you can work as a team with Network Drives, as I am deeply connected with them.  What is so scary about them that you won't go near them?  Yes, they are complicated and huge and you would have to work hard to keep up, but, with your understanding, you know you have it in you to do so.  Please rise to the challenge.

    It was great to get out of Austin for the day and spend some quality time in my car.  After driving down every wrong street, I finally found this sweet little coffeeshop that I might go to everyday if it was in Austin.  It's called the Crooked Tree Coffeeshop.  Actually, I would probably want to shoot there everyday as well.

    Here I am outside of it on my way to the workshop.
    Good night, Dallas.  Until we meet again.



    Jenny is a doll!  We had the most perfect day for shooting, last Saturday.  She's a very well rounded person, and she's does everything from cross country to volleyball to lacrosse.  And I was so pleased she jumped at the opportunity to get soaked at the end of the session!  An Explorer drove by the drive as she was walking out to the water crossing and soaked her at the beginning.  I guess he just couldn't resist the free shot we gave him.  Luckily, I had a split second to cover my camera as he blew threw the drive :)...  Unfortunatley I missed a great shot but I love the others ones we got.  I love it when people come totally open minded and carefree to a session!   










    I just wanted to quickly post a couple of my faves from a shoot I had a week or so ago at the studio.  Treanna is such a beauty!  See you the day after tomorrow, Treanna!



    Hamiton Pool with Dara & Amir

    Saturday, Dara, Amir & I took a quick trip out to Hamilton Pool.  Besides several weeks ago when some friends and I stopped through there after a crazy day of riding bikes at Reimers Ranch, I hadn't visited this little spot in probably 15 years.  I was afraid it was going to be smaller & less spectacular than I remembered. as most childhood memories seem to be...but  I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this giant cove.  If you live in or near Austin & you've never visited here before...please get out there and check it out!  Well, you  might want to wait until summer so you can swim, but if you want  a nice little day-trip this fall, it will still be fantastic. 






     I think Amir was inspired from Apocalypto, which we watched the night before.

    Nice time to relax in the sun before they left for frigid Portland the next day.


    Happy Fall, everyone :)




    Michelle is one cool chick! She's got sytle & strength.  She's very relaxed, and, I'm guessing...she's a champ on the lacrosse field.  I really enjoyed our afternoon together.  We put together an amazing collection of images of this jewel :)  I can't wait to show you, Michelle!










    Rice. One day I will master it!

    I am terrrrrrrrible at making rice.  I burn it, over cook, under cook, mis-time, mis-measure, etc every single time I attempt to cook this very simple food.  In the past 2 years, I have probably cooked rice 15 times...and have messed it up ev e r y  s i n g l e  t i m e.  I blame it on the fact that I was raised on a rice-cooker which  cooks rice perfectly every time.  I used to own one, but it broke...and it's never been the same since.  What's even more disapppointing is that I lived with a peruvian family for an entire year...and I watched them make 1 lb. of rice per day! 

    Yet I still struggle. 

    It happened again last night 30 minutes before my company came over.  This time I tried microwavable rice.  For sure I can handle microwaveable rice, I thought.  And then I realized I threw away the directions that were on the bag.  So I guessed, again.... and forgot half the water.  My entire home filled up with that terrible burnt smell.  yuck!  I didn't smell it burning as it was cooking because I was vacuming and our vacuum smells like cat when you turn it on and that overpowered the burning:(

    Bread will have to suffice, again.
    (I'm embarrassed to admit I burnt that too....I promise I am not usually this poor of a cook!!)



    One day I will understand the art of rice-making! I am relentless.