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    Turned dark

    3 things from the week...


    1) My birthday was on Monday! Amongst many other things that day, I was out hiking and decided I need to jump in the Bull Creek. For some reason. (?) It was freezing; I couldn't breath. Exhilarating & refreshing! Not the not-breathing part....but the whole thing. A good moment to start a good year.


    2) Got hit my first round of poison ivy this year. Grrrrr. When I saw some start to peek up around my eye I quickly went to the doctor, afraid of it spreading wildly all over my face (eeekkk). Although I had to almost pry it out of her hands, she allowed me to take the mega-steroid pack of pills ....or whatever it's well as the cream. She was hesitant because it's pretty powerful stuff apparently. The pharmacist said if I find that I get really angry, edgy, and's because of the pills. Or, if I find I toss and turn my way through the's because of the pills.


    I started taking them yesterday morning and I am determined not to get cranky or angry or mean! And I have already had 2 sleepless nights so what’s another couple?


    3) Well, as of last night, I have black hair. The box said "Darkest Brown"...but apparently there is only a sliiiight difference between black and dark brown. My hair is now black. OkYay! Brown in bright sun. It freaked me out when I first saw it...but I think it's growing on me. It took the air right out of my mom when I saw her this morning at work. I expect it to fade a bit soon....but in the meantime I gotta embrace it! :)


    So last night I couldn't sleep. (I'm blaming it on the pills). My friend Terry in PA wanted to see my black...ahem..dark brown hair so I thought I would take some pictures to show him...then one thing led to another.... SO here you go friends....Maari beginning her 27th year with black hair...and poison ivy...and sleep-deprived

     (please keep in mind this is my first attemp with YouTube.... mercy)


    Merry Christmas, NI!

    I know I know I know it's January...but it's the best time around the studio to celebrate Christmas! 

    So we had our annual company Christmas party last week...AFTER the crazy Christmas season at NI.  This year we had a privte flower-arranging lesson by Jerry at Central Market.  Jerry is quite an amazing, accomplished, and qualified florist...and makes on average 100, 300 if necessary, bouqets PER DAY!  OMG! I can't imagine what a studio space like that looks like but I bet it's full of every color, texture and size of flower you can imagine, vases galore, scissors, green foam (for the base of a sturdy arrangement)...and lots of cut stems everywehre. 

    The party & lunch was so fun.  It's nice to get out of t he office together and doing something fun, colorful, creative...and NEW.  This was a first for all of us. 

    Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!  (ok guys....really feeling the shame right now that it's almost the end of January and I'm saying this!) Regardless....may this year be exceptional!

    Here's some COLORFUL shots from the date... 
    (I love color by the way)



    James is a cool guy and great to shoot.  He's techy, artsy, chill, and crazy.  He's an actor and the character he usually plays is the crazy, scary guy....Of course!  He showed me some of his moves...nice work!  Hope to see him on the big screen soon! 

    See you in a week James.  Can't wait to show you the rest.






    My big sister let me take some pictures of her on Christmas Eve.  It was a blast!  I've been looking forward to our little shoot for weeks! 

    For those of you who don't have the pleasure of knowing her, let me have the honor of sharing a bit about her.  She is beauty, spirit, and brains!   She is outspoken, witty, and hilarious.  Her laughter is full and has a warmth to it...and she laughs often.    She's got great character & integrity. I think she's capable of doing anything!  Strong & sweet.  Persistent.  Challenging.
    I could go on and on....

    Oh...and she makes me feel like I'm one of the most important people in the world.  :)


    Merry Christmas Eve from Portland!

    In case you haven't heard in the news, there are major storms in the pacific northwest (well, I guess all throughout the north right now).  I'm so excited to have a white Christmas (& I'm even more excited that I finally have a warm enough jacket not to be miserable the whole time)!  Last week my family all got together in Bend and soaked up the beautiful cold up there and had an early Christmas. 

    I headed back to Portland with Dara Monday night (which was suppose to be Sunday morning).  Flights have been canceled the whole weekend and thousands of people were stranded in the PDX airport for several days because all the hotels were booked.  :(  It was depressing walking down the hallways with hudnreds of people laid out on the floors, tucked away in corners trying to pass the time, until they can get on the next available flight to go be with ther families for Christmas. 

    Portland hasn't had this much snow since 1968 (that's the rumor at least).  Everything is COVERED in white!  It's beautiful.  When our taxi driver was driving us home late Monday night, I saw a pack of 6 snowboarders crusing down the snowcovered streets on their boards, video camera in hand, looking for some fun obstacles.  I so wanted to follow them!  

    Dara and I have been hiking to work because we can't get her car out (see below).  It's quite the urban adventure since it's about a mile through at least a foot of snow and it's all uphill!   This morning I finally remembered to take my camera with me.  Here are some shots I snapped along the trek...

    (this is why we can't drive to work...Dara's car is underneath)
    Dara!  Isn't she amazingly beautiful?

    Right before the BIG part of the trek up the mountain.  The hospital she works at is ontop of the city!


    My attempts at a snowman turned into a snowduck because the snow is too soft to compact. 


    posters posters posters





    Oh, I am sooo behind on blogging my favorites from my recent far back as Thanksgiving week!  :(
    Christmas bells are RINGING here and we are at FULL speed.  And to make it an extra special time, I leave on Monday for the holidays so everything has to be done prior!  Wooo!  I'm rockin & rolling through my stacks of orders and cards and am happy to announce that I am still sane!  A much bigger step up from the last 2 years.  :)  Many thanks to PandoraRadio and some fabulous radio stations I've made.

    I love my job!  I love that I get to meet people like Erin & and her family.
    Erin is extremely photogenic (and so is her hair!) Plus this is one of my favorite times of the year to shoot because of the amazing color in the air PLUS she is a sweetheart. & Relaxed, unique, and kind in so many ways.  

    Here are just a few of my favorites from a shoot filled with so many!




    Aromi, as you can tell, is a natural behind the camera.  I could barely keep up with her!  She's so fun to shoot.  It was an amazing fall day; leaves were actually falling as we were shooting.  Hope there's a few more days out there like that before the weather changes! 

    A modern day Pocahontas, don't you think?




    I sympathize deeply with Bridget because we share in the misfortune of LAME ankles (sorry Bridget weak ankles are no fun AT ALL).  Days befor our session, during a volleyball game, Bridget came down on an opponents ankle and twisted it pretty bad.  Oh, I ache just thinking about it as past memories of my famous twists run flash before my eyes!  And the frustration to not be able to play!!!  She's taking it much better than I would!

    Good luck this weekend, Bridget.  Hope you guys keep wining.  



    Squirrells don't stand a chance against superheroes.!

    Malcom, my superhero neighbor, had his 5th birthday party on Saturday.  Because we love him so dearly...and because he loves superheroes so dearly, my roommate & I eagerly dressed as up superhero's and rode our bikes over to his party at the park.  As we were sailing down the road, capes flying in the wind, a little squirrell tried to cross the road right in front of me.  I'm so sorry to say that I hit it square!  I completely ran over the thing on my bike...yes...wearing a superhero costume. 

    It didn't die under my tire, thankfully, although if it's still alive today, I'm sure it's hurting pretty bad. 

    Here's some pics of my cute little neighbors
    Cali, Malcom & Lucy...I love you guys!  You make my heart happy everytime I see you.
    :) Maari

    Tricia (SuperMom) & Malcom (Spider-bat-super-iron-hulk-etc-Man) 

     Our new neighbors, the sweet sweet Finn & Anni 

    little Lucy-goosy 


     Malcom sits still for about 30 seconds as he reads a superhero book quickly.

     Lucy's dressed for the party as well


    SuperMom  & SuperNeighbor

    Mary & Cali

    Bertha...the greenest thumb on our row.  She keeps all our plants alive and has been known to resurrect the dead (plants that is).

     Bau (Lucy's dad).  Master of the Grill.