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    Kayla, her sweet mom, Donna, and I met bright and early downtown at one of our favorite blue walls around Austin to start our Safari.   The day before they let me know Kayla decided to go with one outfit as stress was trying to creep to rule and overwhelm.  Great advice!  Whether it's for seniors, families, or kids photoshoots should be fun and stress free.  So if you are starting to feel anxious or worried about something, like what to wear or where to go, do like Kayla did. 
    Step back, breathe and simplify
    Focus on what is really important to you. 

    We had a great time walking around, getting to know each other, photographing and exploring new parts to Austin.  AND we created some beautiful images of Kayla! And I found a new hotspot on the east side.  check out to the Waller Street area for all kinds of trailer-food delights

    Enjoy Kayla. 


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