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    Our Blog Moved!

    Hi friends, We recently changed the location of our blog.  Please go to to enjoy all that we have coming your way. 

    Thanks for stopping by!  Let us know what you think :)

    Have a great day,
    Cindy , Maari & the team


    Weston Washington | Senior Pictures

    I don’t think Denzel Washington is actually his dad… but he could sure pass for it!  Or perhaps Michael Jordan, Sammy Davis or Jamie Foxx??? 

    Weston is star athlete at Westwood High School who I believe is going to become an incredibly influential man in this world someday, just like these aforementioned.   Let’s wait and see!

    Enjoy Weston!



    Sweet Baby Alex | One Year Pictures

    This little one is especially dear to Natural Impressions' heart because her granny, Lisa Mire, has helped our world go 'round for over 15 years since the studio opened! I can't imagine where we would be without her!  She is a delight to work with. 

    And we've known Ashley, Alex's momma, since we were in first grade together at Laurel Mountain Elementary. Needless to say....there's some definite history here, of which my mom and I are so grateful. 

    Lucky Alex to have a family as wonderful as theirs. 

    Enjoy Baby A!


    2011 McNeil Girls Soccer | Follow Us!

    I hear the McNeil Girls Soccer team is famous not only for that fabuous skills on the field but also the way the can pack the stands with their faithful entourage of fans. 

    Look out for Jamie, Satara, and Erin next year in the college soccer world.  I'm sure they will shine there as they did in Austin!


    2011 Westwood Softball Poster | Get 'Er Done in Double One

    Good luck this season Westwood Varsity Softball!  And a big congratulations to Emily & Jonelle who have signed on to play college ball next year.      


    The NEWEST Rasberry Baby | Welcome sweet Kendall. You're in for a good time!

    Dear Baby Kendall,
    You are one lucky lil' one to have been born into a family as sweet and beautiful as yours.  They will treat you so wonderfully and you'll constantly be surrounded by love.  Thanks for letting us take your first portraits.  Looking forward to seeing you and yours back in the studio again soon!  Love, Cindy & Maari



    Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

    Holiday/Birthday punctuality has never been my strong suit.  Ask anyone I know. 
    I'm not proud of this.  I wish it were quite different, and I believe it's changing.   

    My mom, however,  is the best at it, although she has yet to apply her sweet wish-sending skills to the blog. :(    In the real world, she can send me a package/gift/card on-time anytime, even if I'm across the city or the globe in a tiny town of a third-world country.  I hope to grow into this legit ability. 

    Valentine's Day.  I saw it coming but barely gave it a blink because I feel loved and celebrated by the people dear to me everyday.  I am one BLESSED girl!   I wish everyone felt this way!!!   A special thanks to my dear family of course, but also to the girls I live with.  These girls have a supernatural ability to pour out love, encouragement, hope and kindness with every breath.  I'm not exaggerating.  It's authentic and consistent....and it never gets old.   What would the world be like if everyone was surrounded by this kind of love? 

    Call me mushy, but Love is my favorite thing.  Love and joy.  So, Happy Valentine's Day, world.  You were created in LOVE, by LOVE, and for LOVE.  So may this wild substance called love fill you and surround you.  May it surprise you and take your breath away.  May it make you laugh so hard you can't contain yourself.  And may it remind you of what's important today. 

    Love, Maari



    New Free Download Desktop Backgrounds & Screensavers

    I've been busy, busy, busy editing away for an upcoming display at one of the major clinics in Austin.  (more on this to come!)   Oh my is editing tedious work!  But I love it.  The options are limitless as to what direction you want to take a photograph. 

    Here's a few for you to enjoy as your computer background or screensaver.  For most computers, all you have to do is just right click, and select SAVE AS BACKGROUND IMAGE. 



    2010-2011 NEW Varisty Theme Posters 

    I just dawned on me I haven't shared any posters from our nearby school's varsity teams in a year!    Oh my Oh my Oh my I have got to become a better blogger-updater-sharer of all the things going on around here. 

    These are some of my favorite projects because of the fun crowds of athletes we have ushered into the studio and the creative outbursts the posters require.
    Westwood High School, McNeil High School, Round Rock High School....have some of the top athletes in this city.  We love being apart of their "high school career" as we not only photograph them each year with their teams and posters, but we often get to take their senior portraits and family portraits as well.  We look forward to seeing who and what they will become! 

    Without further ado, here are the posters we created with the teams since the school year started.

    Which is your favorite?

    Round Rock Girl's Basketball

    McNeil Girl's Basketball

    Westood Girl's Lacrosse Varisty

    Westood Girl's Lacrosse JV

    Westwood Guy's Basketball

    Westwood Girl's Cross COuntry

    McNeil Girl's Cross Country
    Westwood Volleyball

    Round Rock Volleyball

    McNeil Volleyball
     McNeil Football

    Westwood Football


    Portrait Product Samples | Why didn't I think of this earlier?

    As our shelves overflowed with our most recent client's print products, it dawned on me a couple weeks ago that I should photograph these wall collections to  show you what (and how!) people are displaying their portraits in their homes.  Why didn’t I think of this before??   It seems so obviously helpful to you!  Well, this is the beginning of displaying our custom displays.

    Our Designer Showcases come in all shapes and sizes.  They are groupings of themed images displayed together to decorate your walls and halls with those personalites you LOVE.

    Enjoy what others are doing!  Be inspired….


    Meet Designer Showcase EIGHT:  She holds a 10x10, 10x30, 16x20, 11x14 & a 14x14, filling up a 4.5' space.  This family chose one of our slimline, standout frames (as opposed to gallery wrap mounting)


    This is a tailored Showcase.  Dawn has at least 15 other gallery wraps of various sizes assembled together in a central hallway.  (She started when the kids were newborns = smart, smart woman!)  This is the newest group of gallery wraps she will add to their "story." 


    Meet Designer Showcase ONE:   9 adorable little 6"x6" boxes that can sit all together or in smaller groups, on shelves and tables, or can hang together on walls or hallways.  What a fun way to dsiplay all the personalities!


    Gallery Wrap Collection + One Wall Portrait:  GWC can consist of 3, 4, or 5 small gallery wraps.  In this case they chose a 4 Print Gallery Wrap Collection and added an 11x14 Wall Portrait of the their family to balance everything out.  What isn't shown in this picture are the 2 other individual gallery wraps of the each child.